Sunday, June 28, 2015

To catch the 6:06 am Churchgate local

Facing parched land and in the backdrop of Prime Minister’s announcement of Smart Cities, Ajay decided.

Dadar railway station intimidated Ajay. Roaming the streets in humid April weather of 2014, Ajay found work as a un-loader in trucks for agricultural produce. Rs. 20 for a hard morning’s labour. He had Mumbai’s famous vadapav. Month-long sleeping on station, the mundane continued. He saw physical development in city but without a moral well-being. He did not like it. But smart cities was the way forward. From working as newspaper vendor, hand-car puller, security guard at mall to delivery boy for online portals, Ajay lived life from hand-to-mouth.

With some luck he became an office-boy in a multinational company with confirmed job. Marriage, kids followed. Ajay wasn’t happy living a stressful life. He yearned for a simpler life. He turned in his bed to adjust alarm for 5 am - 14 May 2024. 

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