Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zindagi Mile Na Dobara- creating problems for Investment companies!!

It is said that celebrities influence minds of the young who are at an impressionable age. They follow their path blindly. Right or wrong is just a perception for these guys who get swayed by the on-screen charisma of the actors. Not only the young but even mature people get swayed intentionally or subconsciously when the message is woven in an emotional scene.

A case in point is the scene between hunk Hrithik Roshan and sultry Katrina Kaif. He is like the many next door boys for whom money is the priority over family and she is a person who pursues passions. When she says that “stop planning for your retirement and live life for the present”, it unintentionally hit the raw nerve of investment companies who say that they plan for the future including the pension funds, mutual funds and insurance companies.

The thought of living for the present as much as it sounds perfect is difficult to follow in this imperfect world. As life expectancy increases and science advances, cost of medicine too is going up. Without proper planning of finances and health insurance, it is very difficult to survive the medicine expenses. The cost further increases for critical diseases and lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes among others. Thus people in the developing world need to plan for the future at the cost of being stingy in the short term.

Moreover the developing world doesn’t have the type of social security that the European countries and US have. Thus you see the high savings in China and India whereas consumption remains debt-fueled in Europe and the US. Anyway getting back to Zindagi Mile Na Dobara, I hope people take it just as a film and not derive unintended messages from him.

Friday, July 1, 2011

MBA opening literal windows-- poor creative

I disagree with the headline. No, i am not talking about the credentials of MET, i ll leave that to others to decipher. I have not seen a more literal creative rendition of a phrase. "Opening windows"... Would make any sensible art guy balk!!