Friday, August 5, 2016

History is but a story of the conqueror, never the vanquished

Then do history books tell the truth? They do. But from prism of a subjective mind. We are currently living in a society where the subject has a plethora of options to share his or her opinion. Earlier it was only though newspapers, then through television and now through social media. However, is there an extent to which subjective remains subjective and doesn’t become ego. Being objective means the opposite of subjective. I disagree. This seems to be a strange phenomenon. Let me explain. 
We are subjective with the thoughts we express. These thoughts are derived from the past experience, past reading, past hearing, past viewing, past feeling and past thoughts. If these are derived from the past, then how can they be objective? They are subject to the thoughts of old. It is a difficult proposition to be objective when emotion or thought is related to it. Humans or animals cannot remain objective. 

In today’s capitalist society where success is measured by materialistic possession, and your hierarchy in the corporate value chain, it is difficult to even try to be objective. The mere thought of being objective is itself subjective. Think about it. 

This dichotomy is applicable to any facet of life. Until we express ourselves as an individual different from the universe, this dichotomy is bound to exist. Meditation is a means to be one with the universe. In meditative state, thoughts do not pertain to the individual, it pertains to the universe. Advaita Vedanta talks of singularity. So does Saint Francis of Assissi who expresses it as: “That for which they seek is that which searches.” And so does Rumi “what you seek is seeking you”.