Saturday, December 31, 2011

Airtel- ‘Sorry’ to its friends

Like. For a change, more than just imitating the west, we are learning from them as well. A testimony of this is the public apology by Airtel to all its subscribers for the hiccup in services since the last couple of days.

Today’s newspapers carried a quarter page public apology. This is in sharp contrast to Indian companies’ belief that all wrong doings or mistakes should be swept under the carpet. Toyota recalled its cars after a fault was detected, and Toyota Motor chief executive Akio Toyoda apologized in a press conference. RIM co-CEO and founder Mike Lazaridis apologized through a youtube video after blackberry services went kaput for a couple of days affecting its millions of users all over the world. Rupert Murdoch apologized for the phone-hacking scandal engulfing News Corp.

Cadbury India did not accept its mistake that a worm was found in its chocolate bar. It however went out of its way to give the chocolate bar extra packaging to avoid any future problems. Tata Motors did not apologize to its customers when there were fire incidents in its Tata Nano cars.

A start has been made by Airtel. Let’s see if corporate India accepts its mistakes in the future.