Saturday, September 24, 2011

Louis Vuitton & Angelina Jolie- the perfect match!!

Louis Vuitton- the ultra luxury apparel brand has signed on the ultra diva herself, Angelina Jolie. Normally i would be a bit skeptical when a luxury brand of such reverence signs on a movie actor as brand ambassador. More so now when they sell every alternate brand on the shelf. With movie stars their is no exclusivity. And movie stars as brand ambassadors reduces the exclusive and niche appeal to mass appeal for the brand. However i am pleasantly surprised that Louis Vuitton signed on Angelina Jolie. At least of today, there is no celebrity with a bigger star status than her yet she isn't known only for her movies. Her work as United Nations goodwill ambassador, her adopting children from developing and underdeveloped world just to show her support and concern towards them makes her a truly global personality and some one worth emulating.

This is a casting coup by Louis Vuitton and they would substantially gain from it .

Source: Economic Times, Mumbai Edition September 22, 2011.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

JP Morgan- Elite to the core!!

After a long time, saw a really really wonderful print ad!!!

A creative rendition true to JP Morgan's stature in the industry i.e. a world foot print, fabulous usage of commodities depiction and hard hitting message. When i turned the page while reading the newspaper, the ad immediately caught my attention. An unique interpretation. Attribute based approach yet very much creative and appealing. Surprisingly the agency name isn't written. Anyway , totally in love with it.

Jim Rogers would be smiling from ear to ear since he is completely in favour of commodities compared to equities. And believes that commodities would show the way forward to the global economy!!!