Saturday, October 13, 2012

Renault Ensemble

This ad deserves to be on the front page of a leading daily newspaper or its centre-spread. Not because it has a great creative but because of the objective with which it is made.

Renault has had a very slow start in India. Their partnership with Mahindra & Mahindra resulted in Logan but it did not last long enough. Seems the synergies did not work out between the between the Tractor-behemoth and the French elegance. Renault rejuvenated itself and we see this awesome ensemble (Renault Koleos, Renault Pulse, Renault Fluence, Renault Scala & Renault  Duster) from the design houses in France. This ad showcases what Renault has to offer and thus had to have a bold visibility to take effect. Rather this ad was languishing on the last page of Hindustan Times and one of the middle pages in Mumbai Mirror eschewing the whole objective. And what's worse, it was just a half page ad.

Wonder if their agency Law & Kenneth had any say in the size and placement of the ad because they would have not agreed with what eventually happened.